As your guests are arriving to witness your wedding ceremony before the reception, we will provide elegant music to set the atmosphere. Using a stand alone system, we can provide music for your ceremony’s processional and recessional moments. In addition, we provide a wireless microphone for the officiate who will be conducting the ceremony.

Your cocktail celebration is the first step in your wedding reception. As your guests arrive during the cocktail hour, we add ambiance to the affair with an enjoyable mixture of music using a separate stand alone system. We provide several different types of playlists for your cocktail hour but we always provide you with the option to create your own playlist.

Following the cocktail celebration, your guests will begin to arrive into your main dining room. During this time, your MC and DJ will have background music on while they make the final preparations for your Grand Entrance.

Your Bridal Party will be introduced into the room using this format:

  1. The Parents of the Bride & Groom
  2. The Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
  3. Jr. Bridesmaids, Jr. Groomsmen, Ring Bearers, and Flower Girls
  4. The Maid/Matron of Honor & The Best Man
  5. And finally the most important people at the wedding, The Bride & Groom!

Immediately following the Grand Entrance, the MC will have the dance floor cleared and ask the Bride & Groom to take center stage to begin the First Dance. Soon after the dances begins and accordingly based on the song you’ve selected, the MC will invite the entire Bridal Party to join in followed by all of your guests there that evening. We know how important this moment is and we want to make it as memorable as possible for everyone involved.

Once the First Dance is completed, the MC will ask everyone to return their seats as the Toast will begin shortly. Once all of your guests are seated, the MC will call up those selected to give the important speeches and provide them with a microphone.

Immediately after the Toast, the MC will encourage your guests to give a big round of applause to those giving the toast and especially for the Bride & Groom. He will also remind them to remain in their seats so that the waiters and waitresses can begin collecting the dinner orders. The DJ will provide soft background music to keep the mood elevated.

Once the wait staff has finished collecting the dinner orders, it is time to get things moving on the dance floor! Realizing that everyone has different tastes in music, our library ranges from the 1940’s to today’s most popular music. To ensure your musical tastes are accounted for, we offer you a Music Request form to fill out prior to your special day. Our DJ uses that list and his vast knowledge of music to keep the dance floor going the entire time. The MC will also encourage your guests to join in on the fun.

Once the wait staff begins delivering the dinner trays, the MC will inform everyone in attendance and have them find their seats. Based on your music requests and our experience, we will create a playlist the keeps the atmosphere at the appropriate level so that you and yours guests can enjoy your meals.

Once everyone has finished their meals, our DJ and MC will work as a team to get the dance floor going again with no interruptions. The MC will promote the activity taking place on the dance floor while the DJ will keep the music alive and fresh. We strive to make your night perfect and we know that a good time on the dance floor for you and your guests is a major factor in making that happen!

After dancing, it is now time for the Bride & Groom to take part of the traditional Cake Cutting Ceremony. The MC will inform everyone of the ceremony and coach the Bride & Groom through it while the DJ plays the song that has been selected.

Following the Cake Cutting Ceremony, it is time for the traditional Parent Dances. Starting with the Bride & her father, the MC will have the Groom escort his bride over to her father’s table. From there, the Bride & her father will take center stage on the dance floor and dance to the song they’ve selected. Once they finish their special dance, the MC will instruct the Groom to find his way over to his mother’s table. From there, the Groom and his mother will find their way to center of the dance floor and begin their special dance to the song they’ve chosen.

Once the Cake Cutting Ceremony and Parent Dances are completed, the Bride & Groom have the option to do the Bouquet and Garter ceremony. If they choose to do so, the MC will coach the Bride & Groom along with their guests in this fun snippet of the evening. Remember, it is your wedding so however you’d like to go about this is completely up to you and our DJ’s and MC’s will accommodate you in way possible.

Once all of the formalities are finished and everyone has enjoyed their coffee & cake, what better way to end the night by dancing the night away! We love finishing the night off with a packed dance floor and would enjoy nothing more than playing the best kind of music for your wedding to remind everyone of how much fun your wedding was!