Children’s Party

Add our TV & Montage Package or our Photo Booth to your event to take it to the next level!

  • We specialize in:
  • Birthdays
  • Communions
  • Christenings
  • School Dances

What to look forward to at your party:

Unlimited-ShowDuring the first half hour of the event, our DJ will play soft music in the background as your guests arrive. During this time, you will have the opportunity to greet and thank your guests for attending while the catering hall passes around appetizers.
Basic-Show400After the first half hour, the MC will officially welcome everyone there and introduce himself and the DJ while also clearing the dance floor and having your guests find their seats. If you choose to do a Grand Entrance, the MC and DJ will accommodate you in any fashion you seek.
During this time the MC will ask everyone to remain at their seats as the Toast will begin shortly. Once all of your guests are seated, the MC will call up those selected to give the important speeches and provide them with a microphone.
Once the dance floor opens, we play music based on our Music Request forms. Our library is constantly updated to provide all the latest music that you and your guests want to hear throughout the evening. The MC will provide the right amount of encouragement to make sure the dance floor stays busy the entire time!
Our MC’s and DJ’s will play games with the kids in attendance and make sure that they get prizes for participating. Some of the games we play include:

  • Huggy Bear
  • Freeze Dance
  • Coke & Pepsi
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Musical Chairs
  • Strike-A-Pose

In addition, our MC’s and DJ’s will play the latest music that your child and their friends are sure to love!

Once dinner is ready to be served, the MC will inform everyone in attendance and have them find their seats. Based on your music requests and our experience, we will create a playlist the keeps the atmosphere at the appropriate level so that you and yours guests can enjoy your meals.
Once everyone has finished their meals, our DJ and MC will work as a team to get the dance floor going again with no interruptions. The MC will promote the activity taking place on the dance floor while the DJ will keep the music alive and fresh. We strive to make your night perfect and we know that a good time on the dance floor for you and your guests is a major factor in making that happen! Our library is always updated and contains music ranging from the 1940’s to today!
The MC will inform everyone of the event taking place and coach the guest of honor and their close family members through it while the DJ plays the song that has been selected. If you wish to use it as a photo opportunity for your guests to capture this special moment, the MC will accommodate you in any fashion you seek. Once this special moment is complete, the MC will inform your guests about the desserts and coffee that are available.
Once all of the formalities are finished and everyone has enjoyed their coffee & cake, what better way to end the night by dancing the night away! We love finishing the night off with a packed dance floor and would enjoy nothing more than playing the best kind of music for you and your guests to remind everyone of how much fun your party was!